We are FETĒN, the ultimate men’s skinacare brand and we develop premium, eco-crafted and high quality skincare solutions.

Experience tells us that, in the end, everything comes down to attitude. The successes that we achieve in life are largely the result of our approach to each moment…

That’s why we work hard to help more men take the leap of taking care of themselves to look good and feel better, to grow their winning attitude.



We develop our products with cosmetic active ingredients and formulas that are relevant for men’s skin.

We aim for a masculine user experience, with fast-absorbing products that are non-greasy and go unnoticed.

We guarantee visible results, improving the appearance of the skin and keeping it youthful for longer.



Have you ever heard that “cosmetics are an illusion”? The truth is that noticing results when using skincare products depends on the quality of the cosmetics and the ingredients they’re made from. That’s why at FETĒN, we develop our formulas with the trendiest active ingredients in our specialized cosmetic dermatology laboratory with over 10 years of experience. Our focus is on providing the best user experience and delivering immediate results.


We are agents of change because we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to make this world a better place. That’s why we finance the collection of 100% of our packaging in collaboration with Ecoembes and significantly reduce our impact on the environment by eliminating boxes, leaflets, and packaging thanks to technology. We also send our products in our well-known organic cotton bags with a very FETĒN scent.


We are passionate about both quality and supporting our local economy. As a startup based in Yunquera de Henares, a small town of 4,000 inhabitants in Guadalajara, we strive to become the first global cosmetic brand for men. To help our country progress, we collaborate with local businesses in rural areas across the nation. By purchasing our products, not only will you look your best, but you’ll also be contributing to building a better environment for everyone.


Moisturizes and nourishes face, closes pores, and smooths wrinkles with a completely matte effect and immediate absorption. Freshness, an unbeatable sensation, and zero shine make only good faces noticeable.Packaged with an airless system. Quantity 50ml.

MOISTURIZING EFFECT: With a high concentration of shea butter, it intensely nourishes the skin and protects it against UV radiation, with a healing effect.

ANTI-WRINKLE EFFECT: Thanks to niacinamide, it stimulates cell renewal, with an anti-aging effect that prevents and combats wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Its slightly dense texture and easy application do not leave a shine and are quickly absorbed, so you won’t feel like you have a greasy face.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: niacinamide, aloe vera, shea butter, fig extract.


Reduces the color of dark circles, swelling of bags, and crow’s feet with a 3-in-1 cream that rejuvenates the eye area thanks to vitamin C, collagen, and shea butter. Packaged with an airless system. Quantity 15ml.

ANTI-DARK CIRCLES: Thanks to vitamin C and its antioxidant effect, it regenerates cells and illuminates the gaze.

ANTIBAGS: Reduces bags and tightens the skin around the eye contour thanks to progeline and shea butter. Stimulates collagen production and has anti-inflammatory effects.

ANTI-CROW’S FEET: Its regenerative effect with shea butter, collagen, and grape oil combats expression lines

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: vitamin C, collagen, progeline, shea butter.


Removes oil, blackheads, shine, pimples, ingrown hairs, and other imperfections getting rid of dirt thanks to its exfoliating effect and deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin of the face, leaving it soft and even. Quantity 50ml.

EXFOLIATING EFFECT: It opens the pores (it’s better to use it after a hot shower) and deeply cleanses them, removing imperfections and blackheads.

CLEANSING EFFECT: After exfoliating, upon contact with the water quickly turns into a cleansing foam that removes dead skin cells and leaves the face clean and super soft.

HYDRATION EFFECT: With premium natural oils from grapefruit, coconut, or sweet almonds, it nourishes the skin after exfoliation, reaching the deepest layers.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: salts and sugars, grapefruit, sweet almond & coconut oils.


Revitalizes face today and for years to come, packed with vitamin C and retinol. Experience a glowing and youthful appearance while fighting the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Packaged with an airless system. Quantity 15ml.

ANTI-WRINKLE EFFECT: Thanks to retinol and vitamin C, it regenerates cell and stimulates collagen production, reducing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones.

“GOOD FACE” EFFECT: Acerola extract lightens spots, and retinol reduces pore size and gives radiance to the skin, giving the best vibe to your face.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: retinol and vitamines C, E & F.


Fills wrinkles, scars, open pores, and expression lines while nourishing and strengthening men’s skin with our filling serum for men, which contains a high concentration of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin. Packaged with an airless system. Quantity 15ml.

FILLER EFFECT: Thanks to hyaluronic acid, which acts like a sponge capable of retaining large amounts of water in the skin, it provides volume, reducing wrinkles, marks, open pores, and expression lines

NOURISHMENT EFFECT: Hyaluronic acid, along with beta-glucan and panthenol (vitamin B5), provides hydration and nutrients to the skin, regenerating it and fighting against its aging.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, hidranov, natural hydrating factor (NHF), betaglucan.


Hydrates and nourishes face skin deeply, giving flexibility to the dermis and eliminating the sensation of tightness or dryness with our hydration serum for men with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, filling in wrinkles and furrows from the inside out. Packaged with an airless system. Quantity 15ml.

HYDRATION EFFECT: Thanks to hyaluronic acid acting like a sponge, capable of retaining large amounts of water in the skin, it adds volume while reducing wrinkles and disguising expression lines.

CALMING EFFECT: Reduces skin irritation and provides a calming sensation, thanks to the regenerative and anti-aging properties of betaglucan (vitamin B5).

ACTIVE PRINCIPLESlow molecular weight hyaluronic acid, hidranov, natural hydrating factor (NHF), betaglucan.


Fights dry skin, calluses, and cracks caused by work, sports, and daily aggressions, nourishing them deeply and providing a feeling of comfort and softness thanks to its natural active ingredients and instant absorption. Quantity 100ml.

NUTRITION EFFECT : Hydrates the skin of the hands by creating a protective barrier that prevents dehydration, thanks to shea butter and its high concentration of pure aloe vera.

REGENERATING EFFECT: Soothes and restores damaged skin caused by friction, sun, and cold thanks to ingredients such as rosehip, jojoba, or avocado.

CAMING EFFECTReduces skin irritation and provides a calming sensation, thanks to the regenerative and anti-aging properties of its organic ingredients.

ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: aloe vera, sesame oil, shea butter, calendula, rosehip.


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